Book keeping services

Service Description

At JNJ Experts, we provide sound financial planning and bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the process of recording the daily financial transactions in business. The bookkeeper ensures the information in the financial accounts is updated by tracking the money coming into and leaving the business. One does this by following up on purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made by the business. Doing this ensures the business always has enough money for its survival and in the foreseeable future. Bookkeeping provides that every transaction be it in cash or credit, is recorded, tracking how money is moving in the business. Accountants are then able to create reports of how the business is performing.

Through bookkeeping, costs are tracked, and expenses can be reduced if they are getting out of hand. One can also look at the money coming in which ensures the business is making enough money to keep afloat. Bookkeeping is useful to businesses of all sizes from small businesses to huge corporations.


JNJ’s processes are tried and tested and allow you to know how your business is performing at a glance. We take care of this processes and give you time to concentrate on what you do best.

Our expertise ranges from:

Business record maintenance of expenses and revenues

Financial statement creation and analysis including the generation of reports that give you an idea of how your business is performing.

Small business development strategies that allow you to scale

Business launch and expansion assistance.


Our services are efficient and reliable throughout the year, and as long as your business is in existence, we will be there. We especially serve small business and enable them to scale up by offering sound financial advice. To us, bookkeeping is not merely recording money in and money out in an accounting software, we personalize it based on your business, and we can provide tailor made solutions for your business. JNJ Experts understands that bookkeeping requires you to be constantly in the know of changes in regulations and tax laws and this is what we are efficient in. We take this load off your arms and allow you to concentrate on your business enabling you to give the most time to ensure your business succeeds.

JNJ works with businesses both big and small. We can therefore comfortably say that we are experts in our field. We offer personalized services ensuring your business records are always up to date. This gives you the relevant data to make important business decisions. Personalized services ensure you are always in the know of the latest trends in your industry giving you a competitive advantage to be ahead of your pack. Our understanding of the industry also enables us to give you an outsiders perspective that is non-partisan and honest.

With our skill combination and highly professional team, JNJ would like to be your ladder to success. We will ensure you are always in the know of the latest developments in your industry by continuously improving our processes and by extension yours.