Company Registration

Company Registration consultancy

Company registration is much more than just shooting your browser and filling a form.

There exist plenty of abstract juggernauts on the way that can give you months of ache and totally turn down your dreams of owning a million dollar company.  Or worse—you could end up spending thousands and thousands of rupees unnecessarily in “shortcuts” and “warming the pockets” of wrong authorities.

To keep things smooth, hassle-free, quick, and cost-effective, it is best you have a reliable company registration company by your side.

JNJ Experts is one of the leading names you can trust—hundreds already do!

Why Register?

“Why even register?” You can easily get together with few like-minded people, arrange for required capital and raise an organization that’s ready to slay competition.

Don’t all these sound simple?

Indeed they do. However, there are plenty of reasons why people are encouraged to register their establishment.

Once registered, your company will be a separate legal entity with its own distinct identity. It will enjoy a range legal capacity, like opening bank accounts, obtaining license and raising equity fund.Your company will enjoy uninterrupted operation and existence. Like, the death of one director won’t dissolve the establishment, unless it’s done legally. It would always be ‘business as usual’.There are few tax benefits. If it’s a partnership arrangement, you’re going to have to pay income tax, while when registered, you will pay corporation tax, which is much less.Multiple avenues to raise capital. As a registered company, you can raise funds by issuing new equity shares, attracting new investors and borrowing loans from banks much easily. You will enjoy higher borrowing capacity on many different levels.You can easily transfer the ownership of the registered company. Meaning, when you feel like exiting the business, there will be no dispute and clash of interest in terms of finance.

There are plenty more benefits a registered company enjoy, including access to government-announced concessions and programs.

So take a step today. Register your company. It isn’t even difficult—not with right people holding your hands.

Company Registration Made Easy

Guiding entrepreneurs and aspirers through all the bumps, we have written countless happy stories for our clients. Over the course, JNJ Experts has assisted many clients set ground work for their seamless success by registering as private limited company—quickly and conveniently.

This has craved us an unparalleled market reputation, making us one of the foremost choices for company registration consultancy in India. Our in-house team of highly qualified experts and professionals strives to stand true to this recognition with commitment to deliver clients 100 percent satisfaction.

Our consulting solution covers clients on every end, vouching them maximum convenience—right from checking name availability to identifying a suitable arrangement (proprietorship, LLP and company) to preparing all the required documents.

JNJ Experts caters both Indians, as well as foreign nationals. This fits well to our goals to be the best business consulting provider in the country. So whether you’re a national resident in early stages of establishing a new company or are from another country, planning to spread your wings in India with a registered organization—we are your go-to.

The most reputed company registration consultant Cochin based, climbing fast to the top of the ladder on the global scale with matchless solutions and world-class client support—JNJ Experts is a name you need by your side.