Income Tax Filing

Income Tax filing

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Income Tax filing and refund

It is a good thing to pay income tax to avoid any repercussions from the government or being charged with fraud or evading taxes. An income tax return is a document that is filed with the revenue authority of India that reports your profits and losses of your business, your income, any other deductions that you have incurred during your financial year and your details of your tax refund or liability. A tax return is the tax form used to report your income and file income taxes with the relevant authorities. A tax return helps taxpayers to remit payments or request for refunds it applied.

Income tax filing is the process of filing income tax returns. The amount that goes to the government is calculated when the actuals are filed. A refund will occur if you have paid more taxes than needed during a financial year by the department of income tax. If you have underpaid, you need to make sure you pay the remainder, then file your income tax returns.

It is compulsory to file an income tax return in India. The form of an income tax is key when applying for a house loan, as this is a reflection of your financial prosperity. The income tax return form also shows your capability of repaying the loan given to you and/or your business. Any person who has a taxable income is expected to file an income tax return after every financial year.

An income tax form always has three sections:

The income section that one must fill in all avenues of getting their money throughout the year; which varies from royalties, dividends, salaries and capital gain.

Deductions include retirement savings plans, interest deductions on certain loans and alimony paid. In your business, all expenses incurred in the running of the business are deductible.

Credit, the third part of the return, is any tax credit that you, as the taxpayer, may be entitled to.

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