Financial Projections

Financial Projections

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Financial Projections consultancy

With a business, the aims to make as much profit as it can and remain afloat for a long period is a goal every business works towards to. To attract investors, banks and friends or family to invest in your business, there has to be a way to show them how you are going to stay afloat, repay loans and still have enough money in the business. A financial projection is important to have as it shows much your business is going to make in a period; it can be six months, a year or 5 years. It is paramount to have financial projections in your business plan.

Financial projections are a forecast of future revenues and expenses. It accounts for historical and internal data and includes a prediction of external market forces. The projections need to have data on both short-term and mid-term financial projections, Short term being for one year while mid-term financial projections need to account for business for three years of business, with each year being accounted for.

Your financial projections are meant to have the following elements; income taxes, net income, total income, revenue, and expenses. There are various types of financial projections such as cash flow projections which have three sections; cash disbursements, cash revenues, and reconciliation of cash disbursements and cash revenues. A balance sheet is also required to showcase your present business net worth; a summary of your assets, equity, and liabilities. This is a good way to complete your financial projection, which is providing an overview and analysis of the information.

You need to be as realistic as possible while doing financial projections. Never underestimate or overestimate your forecast, regarding revenue. Have a friend or a business partner who will help review your business projections and make any suggestions that they may see fit.

At JNJ Experts, we are your friend, and we are here to guide you plan the future of your business services. Our company offers the following financial projection services:

Revenue forecasting

Revenue forecasting is important for the management to track the business performance and support related decision-making processes. We help you focus on how your business recognizes operating revenue which can differ from the point at which sales orders are won.

Balance sheet forecast

Our company has the right set of tools to deliver a forecasted balance sheet that perfectly tracks the budget and the forecasted income statement. The data we provide you looks exactly like the actual financial statement, the only difference is that it represents the future budget periods instead of the actual accounting period performance.

Projected cash flow statements

A cash flow forecast is one of the most valuable business tools for businesses in India. The forecast will tell you if your business will have enough money to run the business or pay to expand it. It will also show you when money is exiting and when it is coming in.

Ratio analysis

Our company will help you to evaluate your business’s performance against your historical figures, industry competitors and even business leaders in the industry. Beyond these loads of data, we analyze the ratios that will help you quantify your company’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your business’s financial position and understand the risk you may be taking.

Financial modelling

We are here to help you forecast a picture of your company’s future financial performance based on the historical performance of the enterprise.

Financial analysis

We are here to help you gain more understanding of your costs, the profitability of your business and determining profitability at a product level.

Fund Raising Services

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Startup fund raising consultancy

At JNJ Experts, we provide a full range of fundraising services to companies and organizations in India like interim staffing solutions and strategic advice. Why not join our clientèle base where we offer extensive experiences in getting great results for them? Our team which has developed highly effective fundraising techniques has secured substantial grants and donations and provided crucial interim fundraising services support to a wide range of charities.

The list below outlines the most common ways we are asked to provide advice and support. Although there are many other ways, we can help our clients. Get in touch with us to help you fully meet your needs.

Fundraising strategy

There is a highly competitive atmosphere where fundraising exists. It is not an easy exercise nowadays. It is important for to ensure that you have a fund raising strategy that makes sure that:

You are using your energy, time and finances in the right wayAdapting it to your specific requirements and contactsBuilding on your strengths and effortsYou have a robust and updated grasp on the environment in which you are fund raisingInformed by our insight into your company and our knowledge of funders and donors in India, and of other causes competing with you most closely for their attention and support.

Fundraising planning does not have to be a confusing and ever failing venture that you can fail to deliver. If you are supported with expert guidance from an experienced consultant in the industry, be assured that the process will be fruitful and you will be geared for success.

We provide these service to companies that want to:

meet new financial needs Replace the existing form of funding with a more integrated and balanced stream of incomeDevelop goal and milestones that can be tracked to ensure that progress is trackedPlace ideas into a framework that can be explained to staff, support and volunteersDevelop a long-term income-generating plan


Your company will benefit in the following ways:

Achieve a clear strategic and achievable plan that takes less timeEnsure you have a roadmap for growth that rests on firm foundationsGet robust tailor-made framework that you can use for your future

Interim fund raising management

Our interim fundraising team is highly skilled ensure success in your fundraising abilities. We are here to provide expertise for as long as you need it. Our expert fundraising skills and knowledge will ensure that you have a solid foundation and start to deliver as soon as possible.

An interim fundraiser will be supported by the entire fundraising consultant team from our end; they will have access to the support and provide additional perspective of experienced colleagues, ensuring that we achieve the best possible results for your organization.

This interim service is suitable for organizations that want:

To fill a vacancy, find the right person but be always moving forwardCover for the absence of an employee who is on a maternity leaveTo employ the first ever fundraising expert to avoid the hustle of looking to hire the right person

Payroll Outsourcing

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Payroll processing made easy

At JNJ Experts, we help you avoid the headaches of creating and managing payrolls. We take that service off your hands, and we allow you to concentrate on your company’s primary objectives. Our team of experts who have engineered and managed over 250 payrolls for the last decade is ready to meet and understand our needs. We are a highly focused business entity that believes in accuracy and timeliness of all payroll systems. We take pride in how we manage and process salaries of aver 100,000 employees annually.

The interesting part about our payroll outsourcing service is that you do not have to pay for any software license fees. We take the responsibility of handling all your payroll services thanks to our in-house software that was developed by out tech team. The system is robust in such a way that we can import information from other sources and support systems easily without glitches. Our system is developed with the current technology to provide accurate and efficient processes to serve any umber of clientele.

To guarantee accuracy and reliability, we ensure that your payroll is checked by payroll experts. We maintain logs and comprehensive reports on the full payroll process to ensure that your payroll is always processed regardless of whether the key personnel is present or not. We also have a second account manager who is always aware of the setup and details that are needed just in case the manager who is supposed to be on duty is unavailable

We ensure that your data is safe since we make scheduled backups on periodically, either daily, weekly or monthly, dependent on your needs. Backups are also stored in a remote site that is secure, and you will never have to worry about your data.

JNJ Expert Payroll Outsourcing process includes:

Prepare input

Your designated officer prepares, collects ad authors all payroll data to be processed

Process input

We input data in the VIP software

Internal review

A variance review is conducted to create a query list which we will send to you

External review

You then review and respond to the query list

Review queries

We make changes according to your response to review queries

Payroll authorised

Once you find everything is as it should be, you sign off the payroll for the final processing

EFT File created

We create an electronic transfer file that is mailed to you in an encrypted email.

Transfer net salaries

You import the EFT file and then transfer net salaries to your employees’ bank accounts

Create and distribute InforSlips

We upload and send InfoSlipsto your employees’ email addresses

Prepare reports and interfaces

We prepare standard reports and interfaces like general ledger to you via and email

Reconcialiate 3rd party payments

You reconcile third party payments. We assist with medical aid reconciliation to ensure accurate taxation

UIF declaration file submission

We prepare the electronic UIF declaration file to the Department of Labor and email it to them

Payments to 3rd parties

You pay third parties

GL interface

You upload the interface file into the general ledger system

Real estate consultancies

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Real estate assessment

Investing in real estate is no more that straightforward. From regulations to market trends to future predictions, a host of factors need to be considered to make the investment an optimal decision in your quest to build a winning, high-yielding portfolio.

Whether investing in residential, commercial or retail asset, having right professionals by your side is essential to enhance the outcome.

JNJ Experts: Simplifying Real Estate Investment with Unparalleled Services

Packing years of industry experiences, JNJ Experts has emerged to be an ultimate real estate consultant for hundreds of investors. Specializing in portfolio optimization, we transform obstacles into opportunities, making every investment decision in properties a profitable one. Our 360 consulting services, among others, include market research, lease advisory and portfolio services.

With our deep understanding of asset valuation, capital markets and real estate marketplace, we blend in your individual need and goals to deliver the most efficient solution. We rely on advanced technology and analytics to drive new and detailed insights that assure you’re always ahead in your game, never setting your foot in the wrong direction. This in itself is our biggest exclusivity, followed by our commitment to provide you with maximum satisfaction.

Why JNJ Experts?

We aim to become the most trusted real estate consultancy in India—and we are firm to it ever since inception, redefining ‘client satisfaction’ by pushing conventional boundaries and filling gaps in the industry. Employing only the best who are experienced and qualified, we have a team who’s completely client-driven. To that, over the years, we have fostered affable relationship with large clientele base and a lot of property dealers that ensure you never run out of options and opportunities.

Backed by in-depth analysis of latest realty trends and your ultimate goal, JNJ Experts is a reliable partner you need to build a solid portfolio.

Investment Analysis

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Investment advisory

Not every investment is going to yield you profits. However, this doesn’t mean your investment decisions have to be like a gamble. Even in the uncertain market condition, you can enjoy just as much certainty and higher return if you’re smart enough to have the right strategies— and to have experienced professionals by your side.

Investment Analysis

It is a process that encompasses evaluating an investment to determine profitability and risk using different fundamental and technical strategies. It emphasizes on a range of factors including past returns and current trends. Relying on mountain to data, the analysis helps identify the potential of any investment.

Foolproof Decision-Making with JNJ Experts

JNJ Experts has a unique take in investment analysis that has made us an ultimate partner for hundreds of clients in India and across the world. Instead of following generic template-like solutions, we craft and personalized our strategies to suit individual clients with fine accuracy. We take time to understand your distinct needs, situation and financial goals.

Making use of world-class practices, data banks and innovative ideas, we make sure your every investment decision brings finest outcome on your table through our top-down and bottom-up approaches. In short, our efficient investment analysis service makes your decision-making foolproof, oozing definiteness with minimum risk and maximum outcome.

Why JNJ Experts?

There are a whole lot of reasons that make JNJ Experts as a go-to investment analysis solution provider:

Our services are personalized to suit your individual requirements.We pack a large team of experienced and dynamic professionals who are committed to provide you with maximum satisfaction.We believe in cluttering down the complexities and jargons to deliver you definite solutions.We blend in the best practices and technology with innovative ideas to have your investment decisions fool-proved.We promise to be by your side, assisting you throughout.

So, with all being said, let’s ask you now—Why not JNJ Experts?

Turnaround Consulting

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Turnaround Consulting and Business Restructuring

As a developing business in India, like most that are in existence today, you have sacrificed a lot for your company by serving for long hours, taking loans and missing family functions. But a time comes when you get a raised income for your effort, and the business is doing well.

As times goes by the business landscape becomes tight, the global economy is declining, expenses are rising, and you might find yourself in a pickle. It is certain that you did not plan for the economy to make business conditions hard but you will find your business struggling to survive. During this hard times, company executives demand more and it is hard landing business deals for your company to survive, it is not a good place to be.

“Is there a way out?” one might ask.

Turnaround Consulting, a guided business turnaround works well for business owners who realize that trying something that is not your cup of tea can yield better results than doing the same thing. A wise man once said, “madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

Before getting professional help, you need to understand:

What is entailed in a turnaround?What company can I seek to help me out in this process? Does the company you want to work with have a proven track record?

To help you answer these questions, we introduce to you JNJ Experts. A market leader in India who recognizes the value of an on-site turnaround expert. We provide immediate solutions backed up with decades of successful case studies that are at your disposal.

Our turnaround consulting expert located in India will come to your business and help you bring it back to life. With us as part of your team, you have a chance to breath new life into your business as we do the heavy lifting work. We are here to guide you through the whole turnaround process that your company needs.

How Does Turnaround Consulting Work?

When you hire our exceptional team of experts, we developed a customer turnaround program that fits your business. Our first initiative on the job include:

Stabilizing the cash flow so that we can be in good terms with your creditors

We conduct several tests to diagnose the problems in your business. Based on the results we find, we recommend solutions, develop a turnaround plan strategy and prepare a cash forecast for your company.

When you hire most companies, they will take several months to solve some cases, and if it becomes complicated, they extend the implementation time, that is why you need a well experienced and professional team to do the job.

At JBJ Experts, we draw a wide range of resources to provide our clients with professional experience in each engagement we have with you. Our team consists of professionals who are Certified Turnaround Professionals (CTPs), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFEs), Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (CIRAs), CPAs, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), valuation professionals and investment banker and industry executives. We ensure that our professionals are involved in each engagement from start to finish.