Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll processing made easy

At JNJ Experts, we help you avoid the headaches of creating and managing payrolls. We take that service off your hands, and we allow you to concentrate on your company’s primary objectives. Our team of experts who have engineered and managed over 250 payrolls for the last decade is ready to meet and understand our needs. We are a highly focused business entity that believes in accuracy and timeliness of all payroll systems. We take pride in how we manage and process salaries of aver 100,000 employees annually.

The interesting part about our payroll outsourcing service is that you do not have to pay for any software license fees. We take the responsibility of handling all your payroll services thanks to our in-house software that was developed by out tech team. The system is robust in such a way that we can import information from other sources and support systems easily without glitches. Our system is developed with the current technology to provide accurate and efficient processes to serve any umber of clientele.

To guarantee accuracy and reliability, we ensure that your payroll is checked by payroll experts. We maintain logs and comprehensive reports on the full payroll process to ensure that your payroll is always processed regardless of whether the key personnel is present or not. We also have a second account manager who is always aware of the setup and details that are needed just in case the manager who is supposed to be on duty is unavailable

We ensure that your data is safe since we make scheduled backups on periodically, either daily, weekly or monthly, dependent on your needs. Backups are also stored in a remote site that is secure, and you will never have to worry about your data.

JNJ Expert Payroll Outsourcing process includes:

Prepare input

Your designated officer prepares, collects ad authors all payroll data to be processed

Process input

We input data in the VIP software

Internal review

A variance review is conducted to create a query list which we will send to you

External review

You then review and respond to the query list

Review queries

We make changes according to your response to review queries

Payroll authorised

Once you find everything is as it should be, you sign off the payroll for the final processing

EFT File created

We create an electronic transfer file that is mailed to you in an encrypted email.

Transfer net salaries

You import the EFT file and then transfer net salaries to your employees’ bank accounts

Create and distribute InforSlips

We upload and send InfoSlipsto your employees’ email addresses

Prepare reports and interfaces

We prepare standard reports and interfaces like general ledger to you via and email

Reconcialiate 3rd party payments

You reconcile third party payments. We assist with medical aid reconciliation to ensure accurate taxation

UIF declaration file submission

We prepare the electronic UIF declaration file to the Department of Labor and email it to them

Payments to 3rd parties

You pay third parties

GL interface

You upload the interface file into the general ledger system