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Are you already in business or just starting a business? Do you want to check feasibility and profitability analysis of your business ? Or you want submit this to some authority (Bank/Governments/Investors etc) to get it approved ?Don’t get stuck! Our team of professional analysts will help you build a  comprehensive and investor-ready plan. We’ll just require you to fill out a questionnaire and then all you need do is sit back and relax

A 5 Pages Feasibility Study
A basic plan for your quick needs
A short Business plan for small businesses
Executive summary
Vision & mission statement
Business Objective
Critical success factor
Available only in PDF format
Delivery within 5 business days
1 Free revision
A 10 Pages Feasibility Study
Feasibility study with detailed research
All in Basic
Industry Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Marketing plan
Sales Strategies
Investment summary
Available in PDF ,Word & Power point
Delivery within 6 business days
2 Free revision
Comprehensive Feasibility Study
Feasibility study with indepth research
All in premium
Pricing strategy
Financial plan
Revenue forecast
Balance sheet forecast
Available in PDF ,Word ,Power point & AI format
Up to 25 Pages
Delivery within 7 business days
Unlimited revision within 15 days
Platinum Plan
You decide what you Get
Customised plan for your requirements
All in GOLD
additional 10 Custom topics
up to 50 pages
Custom designs
Custom graphics
Free consultation
Available in any format
Delivery in 14 days
Unlimited Revision for Within 30 days

Know our work before proceeding

What industries do you specialized in? Do you provide service to all countries

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. We already completed 100s of industries in short span of time.So we would like to help you with your business as far as it is legal in your country.We don't undertake any assignments on illegal business.We already completed projects in nearly 25+ countries and we are open for more

Can you guarantee that our plan will get approved by the authority ?(Say Government/investor/Banks etc)

Of course not. Nobody can make that guarantee (and if somebody ever makes that guarantee, it's a good idea to run away quickly). A good plan is essential, but a plan alone will not get funded. Although we will do our best to help you prepare, we have no control over how well you present yourselves to authorities, or how well you answer their questions. We can coach and we can mentor, but at the end of the day, it's your business and you must close the deal.But we are very happy to say that we were able to prepare customized feasibility reports matching the requirements of the stakeholders.This ensured above 95% approved by government authority ,above 90% approved by banks and above 80% approved by investors.We know well that these figures over and above Industrial standards.

Why should we hire a consultant to write our Feasibility study instead of doing it ourselves?

You could easily spend 100 hours or more preparing an investor-grade business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, even if you have an MBA. This is time you should probably be spending building your team, product, distribution channels, and customer base. In addition to our expertise in preparing these materials, we offer independent, third-party insights into your business, and may raise questions that you might not have thought to ask.

What makes your Feasibility so special?

Most importantly, they work.Each plan is hand crafted to reflect the client's specific circumstances, yet share attributes that stakeholders find appealing.We already subscribed to major industry & market analysis magazines and reports which cost more than $10000 per year.So you will get benefited from insights based on these reports.

What is the time duration required to complete a proper business plan?

For a typical engagement, consisting of a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, the typical time to completion is 6-8 days.Some very simple projects can be completed in just a few days, and we have had other projects extend well over a month (of course these engagements involved much more than just business planning).

What is your refund policy?

Your initial payment is non-refundable unless you are not satisfied with our work. This is because by the time you have decided to hire us, we have already set aside time to work with you, and we may even have turned away other opportunities in order to provide you with the best possible experience. But we will provide your with 100% refund if you think we were failed to meet your expectation.We believe in our ability and expertise. So we will make sure you will be completely satisfied with our work

Can you send us samples of your work?

We are unable to email you a sample, Because we believe each business plan is confidential for them. So we don’t want to share the same with others. You can expect the same for your files also. If you would like have closer look, we can give basic templates with you .

What are your qualifications ?

We're all experienced entrepreneurs. Many have MBAs from top schools and some have PhDs in scientific areas. Most importantly, we have proven track records. Brief biographies of our consultants can be found here in “our team” web page

How we can proceed with work with you ?

You can simply drop a mail to info@jnjexperts.com or leave a message in chatbox, We will get back to you as soon as we can(if you need assistance in package selection or if you have other questions to ask).You can also directly order through the packages to start with.Please drop a message on info@jnjexperts.com once you completed the payment stating the same.

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