Operational Audit

Operational audit consultancy

Operational Audit at JNJ Experts is responsible for determining if the appropriate operational and financial internal controls are serving the company as they are supposed to do throughout the operating units of the company. The goal of every audit we perform to companies in India is to provide an exceptional and beneficial service to our clients, by recognizing opportunities to establish and solidify control processes and improve the operational efficiencies in the company. Our Operation Audit consults on a regular basis with the Privacy, Compliance and other experts to ensure the delivery of quality services on time.

What we do at JNJ Experts

We are here to help you grow your business in India and create more profits. Our focus is rooted in understanding the cause of your business challenges. We provide the necessary profit enhancement solutions that eliminate the cause and not just the prevailing symptoms. We believe in effective operational controls that are profit geared with the right delivery of services that is injected with the appropriate level of risk management.

How JNJ Experts do it

In every audit engagement, we ensure we provide the following deliverables to companies across India:

Long term plan that is focused on the opportunity and threats facing your business processes

Define the critical points of each process when working with operational and financial personnel.Define operations control that exists in the process that prevents threats from rising.The systematic solution that eliminates the cause of specific threats which enhances the entire value chain of your company.

Our company is committed to providing services in an independent, professional objective manner to our clients. Services that are provided by our Operational Audit Team includes:

Compliance Audits

We assess the adherence to the policies, procedures, laws, and regulations of each unit; these includes the accession to the company’s internal policies and procedures as well as external requirements from state to local agencies.

Control Audits

We provide an honest evaluation process, systems and operations to determine if the internal controls are in check and operating as expected to mitigate risks and ensure that the goals and objectives of the company are met.

Integrated audits

We combine the control audit of an area with information technology assessment of the infrastructure that supports each unit. Also, our integrated audit can assess the efficiency of the coordination between the business activities and the information systems to support defined goals and objectives.

Advisory Services

The nature and scope of our services are developed to collaborate with client management to add value and improve the governance of a unit, its control processes and risk management without the internal auditor assuming managerial responsibility. We provide guidance on various administrative matters, compliance, and advisory to the redesign and incorporation of internal controls into the new systems and processes.

Fraud Investigations

Independent evaluations of allegations focused on improper activities that include misuse if company resources, fraud, unethical behavior, financial irregularities, and actions. We seek to confirm losses occurred and identify the control weaknesses that were allowed to exist. We then assess the unit by providing recommendations for corrective measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the events.