Internal audit

Internal audit

With JNJ Expert’s Internal Audit solutions, you will have partnered with a company that thinks about risk in the context of your business in India. We apply a business lens that is meant to provide a detailed outlook about your business challenges and opportunities. We draw on our rich experience, insight in India’s sector and global business acumen to help you get more returns on your investment in internal audit. Our sourcing solutions for internal audit can not only contribute to improving your organization’s internal financial, IT and business controls but turn your internal audit into a strategic powerhouse of your business.

Our highly skilled team at JNJ Experts is ready to prepare you for the next level of business operations thanks to our state of the art tech audit solutions which provide advanced tools and approaches that deliver results to help you manage technological risks and achieve your strategic business goals.

We unite perspectives with other business solutions to guide you in a holistic approach to risk, governance, and compliance in coordination with levels of defences solutions.

Internet Technology Audit Solutions

Technology is the core driver of business in today’s business environment. It is woven into each aspect of the global business that keeps evolving every day.

Companies spend a lot of money to acquire hardware, data, software that can best connect them to customers in India and the rest of the world. But fitting best IT systems is not enough; market pressures for different tech revolutions and security against cyber threats has increased the appetite for IT solutions.

In India, internal audit is in the spotlight. Boards, executives and audit committees are looking for the next level of the audit beyond spreadsheets cells, ethics and general control. This is with a focus of diving into advanced IT systems. Companies are in need of IA to be ahead of the market as they check which is the best way to improve audit using technology. Internal Audit needs to be proactive, and they need to engage with stakeholders across organizations to support the company and its goals. When Internal Audit starts this kind of engagement, a big picture understanding of the operational, strategic, reporting and compliance objectives is realized. Behind the company’s IT investment is the power to drive the IT, IA, risk assessment, audit plan, and resource allocation to greater heights.

JNJ Expert’s Internal Audit practice helps you anticipate the risks that can hamper your strategic growth. We identify the interactions between the risks that impact your business. We are here to understand what your business processes are and enable you to turn Internal Audit into a strategic asset to be a leader in driving business performance to another level.

Risk today is unpredictable, you always need to stay ahead of uncertainty, and this requires anticipating the future challenges and understand what is already on the horizon. JNJ Experts are here to provide you with the appropriate skills and support to address your company risks more strategically to soar high against any challenge that is coming your way.