Financial Projections

Financial Projections consultancy

With a business, the aims to make as much profit as it can and remain afloat for a long period is a goal every business works towards to. To attract investors, banks and friends or family to invest in your business, there has to be a way to show them how you are going to stay afloat, repay loans and still have enough money in the business. A financial projection is important to have as it shows much your business is going to make in a period; it can be six months, a year or 5 years. It is paramount to have financial projections in your business plan.

Financial projections are a forecast of future revenues and expenses. It accounts for historical and internal data and includes a prediction of external market forces. The projections need to have data on both short-term and mid-term financial projections, Short term being for one year while mid-term financial projections need to account for business for three years of business, with each year being accounted for.

Your financial projections are meant to have the following elements; income taxes, net income, total income, revenue, and expenses. There are various types of financial projections such as cash flow projections which have three sections; cash disbursements, cash revenues, and reconciliation of cash disbursements and cash revenues. A balance sheet is also required to showcase your present business net worth; a summary of your assets, equity, and liabilities. This is a good way to complete your financial projection, which is providing an overview and analysis of the information.

You need to be as realistic as possible while doing financial projections. Never underestimate or overestimate your forecast, regarding revenue. Have a friend or a business partner who will help review your business projections and make any suggestions that they may see fit.

At JNJ Experts, we are your friend, and we are here to guide you plan the future of your business services. Our company offers the following financial projection services:

Revenue forecasting

Revenue forecasting is important for the management to track the business performance and support related decision-making processes. We help you focus on how your business recognizes operating revenue which can differ from the point at which sales orders are won.

Balance sheet forecast

Our company has the right set of tools to deliver a forecasted balance sheet that perfectly tracks the budget and the forecasted income statement. The data we provide you looks exactly like the actual financial statement, the only difference is that it represents the future budget periods instead of the actual accounting period performance.

Projected cash flow statements

A cash flow forecast is one of the most valuable business tools for businesses in India. The forecast will tell you if your business will have enough money to run the business or pay to expand it. It will also show you when money is exiting and when it is coming in.

Ratio analysis

Our company will help you to evaluate your business’s performance against your historical figures, industry competitors and even business leaders in the industry. Beyond these loads of data, we analyze the ratios that will help you quantify your company’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your business’s financial position and understand the risk you may be taking.

Financial modelling

We are here to help you forecast a picture of your company’s future financial performance based on the historical performance of the enterprise.

Financial analysis

We are here to help you gain more understanding of your costs, the profitability of your business and determining profitability at a product level.