Business Planning

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When conducting a business or want to start a business, it is important to have a set of goals, ideas, guidelines and strategies in place to help you navigate your way into making your business successful; this is what a business plan is. A business plan is a formal statement that contains the business goals, reasons for attaining them and ways or means of reaching the set goals.

The business plan can contain names of the people who are involved and/or the background of the organization or business. It can also portray what you plan to do in the future when the company kicks off and the initial growth rates, with the possibility of future profits to be achieved.

A business plan is the easiest way in which you can convince investors, your family and friends or banks to invest in your business or allow you to have a loan. The most common business plan scenario is a startup, as it helps to breakdown all the parts of the business such as capital requirements, how much it will cost (budget), tasks appointed to everyone, the number of sales to be expected and also some of the challenges that are to be expected.

A business plan changes with the demands that come about or challenges that may occur. For instance, it can be due to branding, customers’ responses, government policy or the surrounding community; all these may influence your current business plan, and you will need to create a new one to meet to demands.

At JNJ Experts, we offer guidance on how to write up your business plan to make it possible for your investors to understand what you are offering as a business person. Our business planning services include:

Service Description

Investors want to see a compelling one or two-page executive summary. The goal of an executive summary is to persuade investors to request the entire business plan or a pitch from you. To create a compelling executive summary is challenging just like creating a whole business plan. First impressions count, and this is the time for you to make that impression with your business plan.

Business plan development

At JNJ Experts, we can tailor make business plan preparation services to fit your needs and budget,

Full-service planning: we are going to help you research, optimize your strategy and analyze your market and competitors. We will help you with creating an articulate business plan to express the opportunity you have spotted. We develop all our business plans from scratch to make sure that we understand and tell your unique solution that is ready to be worked on. We will save you the hours you need to spend on other activities.

Limited service planning: if you have a limited budget and you have time to conduct most of the writing and research, we can help you prioritize your efforts, supply templates, and useful materials to create a unique final business plan.

Business plan review: before you go and present the business plan to your investors, we will provide an opportunity to access third party critique so that you refine your presentation and your pitch before you meet the investors.