Fund Raising Services

Startup fund raising consultancy

At JNJ Experts, we provide a full range of fundraising services to companies and organizations in India like interim staffing solutions and strategic advice. Why not join our clientèle base where we offer extensive experiences in getting great results for them? Our team which has developed highly effective fundraising techniques has secured substantial grants and donations and provided crucial interim fundraising services support to a wide range of charities.

The list below outlines the most common ways we are asked to provide advice and support. Although there are many other ways, we can help our clients. Get in touch with us to help you fully meet your needs.

Fundraising strategy

There is a highly competitive atmosphere where fundraising exists. It is not an easy exercise nowadays. It is important for to ensure that you have a fund raising strategy that makes sure that:

You are using your energy, time and finances in the right wayAdapting it to your specific requirements and contactsBuilding on your strengths and effortsYou have a robust and updated grasp on the environment in which you are fund raisingInformed by our insight into your company and our knowledge of funders and donors in India, and of other causes competing with you most closely for their attention and support.

Fundraising planning does not have to be a confusing and ever failing venture that you can fail to deliver. If you are supported with expert guidance from an experienced consultant in the industry, be assured that the process will be fruitful and you will be geared for success.

We provide these service to companies that want to:

meet new financial needs Replace the existing form of funding with a more integrated and balanced stream of incomeDevelop goal and milestones that can be tracked to ensure that progress is trackedPlace ideas into a framework that can be explained to staff, support and volunteersDevelop a long-term income-generating plan


Your company will benefit in the following ways:

Achieve a clear strategic and achievable plan that takes less timeEnsure you have a roadmap for growth that rests on firm foundationsGet robust tailor-made framework that you can use for your future

Interim fund raising management

Our interim fundraising team is highly skilled ensure success in your fundraising abilities. We are here to provide expertise for as long as you need it. Our expert fundraising skills and knowledge will ensure that you have a solid foundation and start to deliver as soon as possible.

An interim fundraiser will be supported by the entire fundraising consultant team from our end; they will have access to the support and provide additional perspective of experienced colleagues, ensuring that we achieve the best possible results for your organization.

This interim service is suitable for organizations that want:

To fill a vacancy, find the right person but be always moving forwardCover for the absence of an employee who is on a maternity leaveTo employ the first ever fundraising expert to avoid the hustle of looking to hire the right person