Turnaround Consulting

Turnaround Consulting and Business Restructuring

As a developing business in India, like most that are in existence today, you have sacrificed a lot for your company by serving for long hours, taking loans and missing family functions. But a time comes when you get a raised income for your effort, and the business is doing well.

As times goes by the business landscape becomes tight, the global economy is declining, expenses are rising, and you might find yourself in a pickle. It is certain that you did not plan for the economy to make business conditions hard but you will find your business struggling to survive. During this hard times, company executives demand more and it is hard landing business deals for your company to survive, it is not a good place to be.

“Is there a way out?” one might ask.

Turnaround Consulting, a guided business turnaround works well for business owners who realize that trying something that is not your cup of tea can yield better results than doing the same thing. A wise man once said, “madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

Before getting professional help, you need to understand:

What is entailed in a turnaround?What company can I seek to help me out in this process? Does the company you want to work with have a proven track record?

To help you answer these questions, we introduce to you JNJ Experts. A market leader in India who recognizes the value of an on-site turnaround expert. We provide immediate solutions backed up with decades of successful case studies that are at your disposal.

Our turnaround consulting expert located in India will come to your business and help you bring it back to life. With us as part of your team, you have a chance to breath new life into your business as we do the heavy lifting work. We are here to guide you through the whole turnaround process that your company needs.

How Does Turnaround Consulting Work?

When you hire our exceptional team of experts, we developed a customer turnaround program that fits your business. Our first initiative on the job include:

Stabilizing the cash flow so that we can be in good terms with your creditors

We conduct several tests to diagnose the problems in your business. Based on the results we find, we recommend solutions, develop a turnaround plan strategy and prepare a cash forecast for your company.

When you hire most companies, they will take several months to solve some cases, and if it becomes complicated, they extend the implementation time, that is why you need a well experienced and professional team to do the job.

At JBJ Experts, we draw a wide range of resources to provide our clients with professional experience in each engagement we have with you. Our team consists of professionals who are Certified Turnaround Professionals (CTPs), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFEs), Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (CIRAs), CPAs, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), valuation professionals and investment banker and industry executives. We ensure that our professionals are involved in each engagement from start to finish.