Start-up schemes by Central and State Governments in India

August 14, 2018 Investment, Startups by ICS Admin No comments

India is the world’s 3rd largest technology start-up hub after the countries USA and UK. Various business sectors like Information Technology, Food and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Finance, Logistics and Artificial Intelligence are booming in the country. According to a report, around 1000 new start-ups were initiated in the year 2017. In India, a business venture […]

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Investment opportunity in proven existing business

August 7, 2018 Business, Investment by ICS Admin No comments

Every business organization has a history of how it progressed from a mere idea to a successful venture. Investment or funding is a major factor which decides the profitability of a venture. Most of the business owners would require a solid support from investors to fund their business. Once the business is established and start […]

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