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Why you should conduct Feasibility Study before investing

Posted by ICS Admin Under On July 25, 2018

A feasibility study before investing will help you to determine the profitability of a business venture. Before starting or expanding a business, it is imperative that entrepreneurs & investors check the feasibility of the venture. Feasibility study helps to analyze the viability of the business and the chances of having successful business outcomes. Business managers……. READ MORE

How internal audit improve business performance

Posted by ICS Admin Under On July 20, 2018

Dynamic market patterns and changing stakeholder expectations continuously demand business organizations to perform better and come out with innovative solutions. For any business or organization, internal audit is a great method for analyzing the overall business performance. It is imperative to ensure regulatory compliance, data security and adherence to performance goals on a routine basis. Internal audits also evaluate possible risks which the company may face in a competitive business environment. The audit reports can be assessed to focus on areas……. READ MORE

How to get loans and funds for your business

Posted by ICS Admin Under On July 10, 2018

Capital cost and operational costs are the key factors in running any type of business. For startup companies, business loans can be availed from commercial banks or financial institutions. This will help the owner to operate the business until it gains stability. The loans can also be availed for expanding or scaling up an already……. READ MORE


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Employed Vs Self Employed Pros and Cons

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Have you been wondering whether to continue working with your employer or to start something on your own? This can be a challenging situation especially if you are trying to strike the family-work balance. Before reaching a decision, it is important that you understand the difference between the two options. The transition from an employee……. READ MORE