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Logist Business Plan

Posted by ICS Admin Under On February 4, 2022

Logistics refers to the process of managing the acquisitions of resources, how it is stored, and transported to the final destination. This whole term is referred to in the business sector, especially by the companies involved in the manufacturing business. It also refers to how resources are managed and go along the supply chain business. ……. READ MORE

Car Rental Business

Posted by ICS Admin Under On January 14, 2022

Car rental service are a choice that has been utilized by travellers in this century. Low cost travels enable us to move to any city at a reasonable cost. Nowadays more people focused on starting rental service as a side business. The rental services allows people to rent car for long and short journey. This……. READ MORE

Agriculture Business Plan

Posted by ICS Admin Under On November 24, 2021

Agro based business are the enterprise, industry and system focuses on value chains in agriculture. One of the main goals of agribusiness is to improve profit while satisfying the needs of consumers for products related to natural resources, farms, fibre, forestry and fuel and non-renewable resources like mining. It is a combination of the words “agriculture” and……. READ MORE

eCommerce Business Plan

Posted by ICS Admin Under On November 4, 2021

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the concept of buying and selling products electronically on online services or through the Internet. Ecommerce includes different mediums like mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic transfer of funds, Internet marketing, online transactions, inventory management online transactions, automated data collection and many more. The e-commerce business is a broad concept, and……. READ MORE