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Photography Studio Service Kerala

Posted by ICS Admin Under On October 20, 2021

Photography is the art of capturing the images of objects, people or animals in a camera. Sometimes photographs open the studio out of passion. They exhibit the photographs to showcase their talents. Some photographers do this as part of the business. The studio is an artistic workspace to showcase the images. There is necessary adjustments……. READ MORE

Medical Store Services

Posted by ICS Admin Under On October 4, 2021

Medical shops are also known as pharmacies, drugstores or chemists. It is a retail shop that offers prescribed drugs or medicines. At the medical shop, the pharmacist looks after the fulfilment of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. He will also look after the health and wellness issues of the customers. During this Covid-19 situation, the demand……. READ MORE

Poultry Farming Services

Posted by ICS Admin Under On September 30, 2021

Poultryfarming is animal husbandry to breed domesticated birds including chickens, ducks and geese to produce meat or eggs for food consumption. This term originated from the agricultural era. Most poultry constitutes chickens that are farmed in huge quantities. It is estimated that more than 60 billion chickens are killed globally for consumption in a year. Chickens……. READ MORE

Boutique Services

Posted by ICS Admin Under On September 17, 2021

A designer boutique is a small shop that works in a discrete nature of merchandise, more often than not a precise clothing style. A boutique typically offers various sorts of related products, such as ladies apparel, handbags, clutches, accessories and shoes. Form designer boutique offers a particular type of clothing and accessories to ladies who……. READ MORE

Beauty Parlor Services

Posted by ICS Admin Under On September 4, 2021

The growing awareness of self-care and self-grooming urged the rise of a beauty parlor in Kerala. Beauty parlor offers varieties of services to improve your personal beauty. It can help you explore your inner self and individual care, including haircut, body rubs, manicure and facials. Usually, a beauty parlor focuses on a specific treatment or……. READ MORE

Restaurant Business Services

Posted by ICS Admin Under On August 4, 2021

The restaurant business is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Kerala. The rich and unique culinary heritage with Grandma’s recipes makes Kochi a paradise for all food lovers.  The variety of dishes from local food like fish, prawns, beef and chicken curry, parotta, Schezwan andArabic specialties like Alfaham and flatbreads, naan and khuboos takes restaurant……. READ MORE


Business Sectors that perform well in Kerala

Posted by ICS Admin Under On July 3, 2018

Kerala also referred to as God’s Own Country has a huge potential for start-ups and businesses. It is a favorite holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. The traditional industries like coir, handloom, spice farming and handicrafts still continue to show great demand in the region. Tourism is one of the major sources……. READ MORE