Business Planning

Business Planning

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Service Description

When conducting a business or want to start a business, it is important to have a set of goals, ideas, guidelines and strategies in place to help you navigate your way into making your business successful; this is what a business plan is. A business plan is a formal statement that contains the business goals, reasons for attaining them and ways or means of reaching the set goals.

The business plan can contain names of the people who are involved and/or the background of the organization or business. It can also portray what you plan to do in the future when the company kicks off and the initial growth rates, with the possibility of future profits to be achieved.

A business plan is the easiest way in which you can convince investors, your family and friends or banks to invest in your business or allow you to have a loan. The most common business plan scenario is a startup, as it helps to breakdown all the parts of the business such as capital requirements, how much it will cost (budget), tasks appointed to everyone, the number of sales to be expected and also some of the challenges that are to be expected.

A business plan changes with the demands that come about or challenges that may occur. For instance, it can be due to branding, customers’ responses, government policy or the surrounding community; all these may influence your current business plan, and you will need to create a new one to meet to demands.

At JNJ Experts, we offer guidance on how to write up your business plan to make it possible for your investors to understand what you are offering as a business person. Our business planning services include:

Service Description

Investors want to see a compelling one or two-page executive summary. The goal of an executive summary is to persuade investors to request the entire business plan or a pitch from you. To create a compelling executive summary is challenging just like creating a whole business plan. First impressions count, and this is the time for you to make that impression with your business plan.

Business plan development

At JNJ Experts, we can tailor make business plan preparation services to fit your needs and budget,

Full-service planning: we are going to help you research, optimize your strategy and analyze your market and competitors. We will help you with creating an articulate business plan to express the opportunity you have spotted. We develop all our business plans from scratch to make sure that we understand and tell your unique solution that is ready to be worked on. We will save you the hours you need to spend on other activities.

Limited service planning: if you have a limited budget and you have time to conduct most of the writing and research, we can help you prioritize your efforts, supply templates, and useful materials to create a unique final business plan.

Business plan review: before you go and present the business plan to your investors, we will provide an opportunity to access third party critique so that you refine your presentation and your pitch before you meet the investors.

Internal audit

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Internal audit

With JNJ Expert’s Internal Audit solutions, you will have partnered with a company that thinks about risk in the context of your business in India. We apply a business lens that is meant to provide a detailed outlook about your business challenges and opportunities. We draw on our rich experience, insight in India’s sector and global business acumen to help you get more returns on your investment in internal audit. Our sourcing solutions for internal audit can not only contribute to improving your organization’s internal financial, IT and business controls but turn your internal audit into a strategic powerhouse of your business.

Our highly skilled team at JNJ Experts is ready to prepare you for the next level of business operations thanks to our state of the art tech audit solutions which provide advanced tools and approaches that deliver results to help you manage technological risks and achieve your strategic business goals.

We unite perspectives with other business solutions to guide you in a holistic approach to risk, governance, and compliance in coordination with levels of defences solutions.

Internet Technology Audit Solutions

Technology is the core driver of business in today’s business environment. It is woven into each aspect of the global business that keeps evolving every day.

Companies spend a lot of money to acquire hardware, data, software that can best connect them to customers in India and the rest of the world. But fitting best IT systems is not enough; market pressures for different tech revolutions and security against cyber threats has increased the appetite for IT solutions.

In India, internal audit is in the spotlight. Boards, executives and audit committees are looking for the next level of the audit beyond spreadsheets cells, ethics and general control. This is with a focus of diving into advanced IT systems. Companies are in need of IA to be ahead of the market as they check which is the best way to improve audit using technology. Internal Audit needs to be proactive, and they need to engage with stakeholders across organizations to support the company and its goals. When Internal Audit starts this kind of engagement, a big picture understanding of the operational, strategic, reporting and compliance objectives is realized. Behind the company’s IT investment is the power to drive the IT, IA, risk assessment, audit plan, and resource allocation to greater heights.

JNJ Expert’s Internal Audit practice helps you anticipate the risks that can hamper your strategic growth. We identify the interactions between the risks that impact your business. We are here to understand what your business processes are and enable you to turn Internal Audit into a strategic asset to be a leader in driving business performance to another level.

Risk today is unpredictable, you always need to stay ahead of uncertainty, and this requires anticipating the future challenges and understand what is already on the horizon. JNJ Experts are here to provide you with the appropriate skills and support to address your company risks more strategically to soar high against any challenge that is coming your way.

Operational Audit

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Operational audit consultancy

Operational Audit at JNJ Experts is responsible for determining if the appropriate operational and financial internal controls are serving the company as they are supposed to do throughout the operating units of the company. The goal of every audit we perform to companies in India is to provide an exceptional and beneficial service to our clients, by recognizing opportunities to establish and solidify control processes and improve the operational efficiencies in the company. Our Operation Audit consults on a regular basis with the Privacy, Compliance and other experts to ensure the delivery of quality services on time.

What we do at JNJ Experts

We are here to help you grow your business in India and create more profits. Our focus is rooted in understanding the cause of your business challenges. We provide the necessary profit enhancement solutions that eliminate the cause and not just the prevailing symptoms. We believe in effective operational controls that are profit geared with the right delivery of services that is injected with the appropriate level of risk management.

How JNJ Experts do it

In every audit engagement, we ensure we provide the following deliverables to companies across India:

Long term plan that is focused on the opportunity and threats facing your business processes

Define the critical points of each process when working with operational and financial personnel.Define operations control that exists in the process that prevents threats from rising.The systematic solution that eliminates the cause of specific threats which enhances the entire value chain of your company.

Our company is committed to providing services in an independent, professional objective manner to our clients. Services that are provided by our Operational Audit Team includes:

Compliance Audits

We assess the adherence to the policies, procedures, laws, and regulations of each unit; these includes the accession to the company’s internal policies and procedures as well as external requirements from state to local agencies.

Control Audits

We provide an honest evaluation process, systems and operations to determine if the internal controls are in check and operating as expected to mitigate risks and ensure that the goals and objectives of the company are met.

Integrated audits

We combine the control audit of an area with information technology assessment of the infrastructure that supports each unit. Also, our integrated audit can assess the efficiency of the coordination between the business activities and the information systems to support defined goals and objectives.

Advisory Services

The nature and scope of our services are developed to collaborate with client management to add value and improve the governance of a unit, its control processes and risk management without the internal auditor assuming managerial responsibility. We provide guidance on various administrative matters, compliance, and advisory to the redesign and incorporation of internal controls into the new systems and processes.

Fraud Investigations

Independent evaluations of allegations focused on improper activities that include misuse if company resources, fraud, unethical behavior, financial irregularities, and actions. We seek to confirm losses occurred and identify the control weaknesses that were allowed to exist. We then assess the unit by providing recommendations for corrective measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the events.

Project Report

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Project report consultancy

The project report of a company is the road map that it used for it to be successful. It does discuss if the enterprise requires finances, it describes the challenges the business is facing and numerous problems present. It, therefore, becomes viral for all new ventures to prepare a project report to acquaint themselves regarded the issues that have been identified.

At JNJ Experts, we are skilled at preparing project reports that can help you change the workings of your business with the level of insight the report will avail to you. To help you in creating the report, we provide a format of how you can present a new business project report

Below are pointers that need to be included while preparing the project report.

The background of the businessProfile of customersObjectives for both short term and long term goalsA visibility assessment of the proposed new business ideas with regards to technical feasibility, financing, marketability, and regulationsA business plan that is well preparedDocumentation details of business issues

Market Analysis

A brief description on the chief influencers, player in the market e.t.cReasons for starting business in a particular marketMarket descriptionTarget clientsPatterns of market consumptionBenefits of the services offered by the new businessPresent and past operation locationsProduction limitations and prospectsExports and importsPricing structureDemand flexibilityClients intentions, behaviours, purposes, approaches, inclinations, needs and impetusSupport networks marketing rules formulated by the governmentTechnical and government limitations on the product promotion

Financial Assessment

Investment methodsInvestment expenditureAnticipates productivityMoney flows of the project reportInvestment value evaluationFinancial ranking estimation

Marketing Assessment

ProductPricePlace promotionsOperations Plans

Business models

Production of goods as well as servicesFinancial planManagement structureBusiness structure

SWOT Analysis

This is a strategic planning technique that analyses the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


Synopsis of profits and lossesFund Flow SummaryAssessment of Break Even

Target Market

When you want to create a new business project report for a company, always make sure that you have the target market in mind. In case you are making a report on debt financing, the center of your attention will be on the assurance that the debt will be reimbursed by the company and not from the high revenues that the firm accrued.

Market approach

JNJ Experts help you describe economic trends, payers, and clients. The selected marketing plan must be detailed and the marketing products and the functional competence

Predicting Trends

Realistic plans should be catalogued for the price, unanticipated expenses, issues neglected and overturns. We then help to interpret how the future trends that are highlighted in the project report mean to your business.

Structuring your project plan

There are very many elements to a project plan, and few larger plans can stretch over a hundred pages. A consistent formal style helps in making the structure of the document crucial and easy to read. We ensure that yo have a logically ordered document that allows the reader to read quickly through the document and read more on the details that have captured them.

In the business world, you need to make time an important element. If you present a proper business report that we have helped you prepare to the company directors, it will reflect what you value the most, and that is the utilization of time.

LLP & Partnership Registration

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LLP and Partnership registration

LLP refers to a limited liability partnership which is specified in the limited liability act of 2007. It offers limited liability protection for people doing business. It provides a form of business entity while providing limited liability to the owners. An advantage that the limited liability has over regular partnership is that one partner is not responsible for the misconduct of another.

LLP are the easiest to incorporate and manage mainly because of their simple compliance facilities and easy process of incorporation. It combines the advantages of a company and partnership into a single organization. Unlike shareholders, a partner has a right to manage the business directly.


One needs to apply for the partner’s DIN and DSC. Once that is complete, you need to apply for name availability of the proposed LLP. Once the documents have been verified, the incorporation documents and forms are filed, and a certificate of incorporation is processed. One then drafts and files an LLP Agreement. You do not have to worry about handling all these requirements. At JNJ Experts, we ensure that your LLP and Partnership Registration is done with ease since we have all the necessary resources to have the registrations certificates faster and seamlessly.

Let us take a look at the advantages of LLP

Advantages of an LLP

It is a different legal entity and is recognized by the law. It can, therefore, own property and even trade and incur debts.

It is easy to add someone as a partner which nominates them as a co-owner of the LLP. Since it is a separate legal entity, by changing partners, ownership also changes.

An LLP can acquire, own and even sell the property. This is because it is recognized as a person by the law.

LLP’s are not required to be audited if they have returns of low turnovers and low capital contribution. They are therefore efficient for start-ups which are starting their operations and need minimal regulation formalities.

Flexible to manage. The partners have the liberty to choose how they want to run the LLP.

LLP’s also enjoy lower tax rates than companies. They are also not subject to dividend distribution tax, so one will not be taxed as you distribute profit to the partners.

Since a Limited Liability Partnership is a regulated entity unlike proprietorships, it can attract financing from investors and financial institutions.

An LLP has added protection for the partners. This is mainly because it is considered as a legal entity and the partners and the business are seen as separate entities. Should the LLP experience a lawsuit, the partners are not liable, and their property is safe.

Limited Liability Partnerships work well with professionals and close family members as well as small businesses. This is because they are considered a legal entity by the government and can own property, trade and even incur debts. Since they are easy to incorporate and the partners’ property is not liable should there be a lawsuit, they can offer protection when one of the partners is involved in misconduct. Since they do not have equity shares, they have to find other ways of raising capital during its life cycle. An LLP will remain in existence until the partners agree to dissolve it.

Contact us, JNP Experts, and we will help you register your business in the shortest time possible without you ever worrying about the process.

Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study Consultancy

Our experience with all kinds of project management dealings in India has given us a superior advantage over competitors when it comes to how we prepare a realistic feasibility study which gives our clients a real picture of the constraints associated with a given project regarding money, time, operational aspects and technology. This outcome will impact the needs analysis and assessment of a given project. Our feasibility service in India gives us a complete overview and a detailed view that is important to the sponsors before deciding to take a project or otherwise. We understand that the criteria that are laid down are based on dynamics of every organization’s conditions. This makes us provide a detailed review of conditions without leaving any area unattended. Our feasibility service will not only let the decision makers feel short of information, but we also cover every aspect under different categories:

Technical Feasibility

Various technical options are considered once we evaluate your business situation to ensure that a bug-free, efficient and secure service is proposed. We examine all possible outcomes and make a flexible solution that caters to all your present and future needs. We are here to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors by adopting a proactive approach to rid you of any possible technical challenges. The most important part about or feasibility study is that we make sure that there are no production barriers and there is minimal external dependence to the proposed solution. The system integrates technically with all available add-ons.

Timeline Feasibility

A need has to be fulfilled within the deadline set. Some otherwise feasible and highly desirable projects can turn out to be non-feasible due to a very restrictive timeline constraints. This fact makes it imperative that all milestone are linked to a timeline and projects well conceived with safe margins. We are here to make sure that we strictly follow what has been stated above.

Operations Feasibility

In this service category, we conduct a study to analyze whether the business you want to undertake in India can be fulfilled by using proposed solutions. The result of our operational feasibility study will be outlined; this is with the aim of making it functional and convenient to solve your problems after considering to implement the proposal. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘Feasibility Evaluations.’ We will describe to you how the system will interact with other systems and also the human resource. Our feasibility report provides results of interest to stakeholders.

Financial feasibility

An economic analysis is conducted by our experts in India to evaluate the effectiveness of a proposed solution against the existing solutions and available options that are offered. Providing consideration to limitations on constraints of our clients. In other words, we provide an image of the cost versus benefits analysis. Our process identifies the immediate and projected benefits and savings that are expected from a proposed system and compare them with the projected and immediate costs. Obviously, the gains must overshadow the costs to make the solution a viable solution that makes business sense.

Portfolio Mangement

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Manage your investment portfolio

In a quest to take your wealth to the next level through investments, it is essential to master the art of portfolio management—or at least have someone holding your hands who have mastered it.

Portfolio is a collection of investment instruments, including shares, bonds and mutual funds. Managing it is a process of deciding on the most efficient investment tool, that vouches high return at low risk, after factoring or balancing strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities. Cluttering down the clouds of uncertainty in every investment decision, benefits of efficient portfolio management includes diversification of risks, higher security, consistent return, capital growth, tax planning and more.

JNJ Experts- A Favorite Portfolio Manager

Packing years of experience and team of highly qualified professionals, JNJ Experts has emerged to be one of the topmost portfolio management solution providers. Ours is a dynamic and proactive approach that aims to deliver on clients’ exact needs, goals and expectations with high precision. Defining our unique, innovative and personalized strategy around asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing, we balance risk and reward to match your every investment decision in sync with your long-term objectives.

Why JNJ Experts?

JNJ Experts is already playing a favorite to hundreds investors in India, helping them elevate their wealth quickly and easily—and we promise to play a similar role for you. Taking your hands and guiding you through thick-and-thin, we aim to build lasting relationship with you. From studying your portfolio regularly to balancing risks and changing asset allocations, we make sure not just in short-term but you reap big rewards even in the long run. Assigned dedicated managers to help you 24/7, you can access your portfolio any given time of the day.

JNJ Experts redefines client satisfaction. We redefine portfolio management with quickness and higher efficiency. Take our hands and enjoy a smooth ride ahead.

Wealth Management

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Manage and Maximize your wealth

In an uncertain economy (and world), being certain with your finances is the key to a prosperous life, for yourself and the family. Today, wealth management is much more than just saving a chunk of earning in your bank account. For that, and much more, having reliable professionals by your side to assist you in reserving the unforeseen future ahead with bright financial forecast is very important—to an extent, even, essential.

JNJ Experts- Your Go-To Wealth Management Service Provider

We bring a holistic approach to the finances of high net worth individuals, ensuring that while they work for the money, money work for them at the same time. Putting in all the dots together – right from job earnings to investment return, retirement plans to real-estate investment and everything else – we clutter down the complexities and aim to bring definiteness to clients’ wealth and future.

Crafted and calibrated to suit your individual needs, our personalized wealth management services make sure you never set your foot in the wrong direction with your finances. We blend in your current financial state with your expectations, blurring the shade of dreams with explicit answers and solutions.

Why JNJ Experts?

At JNJ Experts, we pack some of the most qualified and experienced professionals who, specializing in various fields, strive to redefine ‘client satisfaction’. Our services centers on not just helping the clients with their wealth—but on building a lasting, reliable and trustable relationship with them. We have quantum of experience of working with hundreds of clients, and delivering them with complete precision. And we promise to be by your side, right here, assisting you throughout alike.

JNJ Experts brew industry’s best practices and our own unique and innovative ideas to understand your distinct need and situation with fine accuracy. Together, we stride ahead with clear-cut plans, goals and strategies to your happier and wealthful future.

Valuation Services

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Value your Business

Valuation is an important key, both for individuals and companies, to make any investment decision optimal and high rewarding. Assessing the potential merits of investment by considering a range of factors, including latest market trends and future predictions, it helps answer the most crucial question— “is it worth it?”

JNJ Experts: Bringing definiteness to Analysis and Valuation

With the best in-house team of highly experienced professionals, we provide standard valuation service to investors and business owners. Centering on our core commitment to clutter down the complexities and confusions, we bring definiteness on the table with efficient analysis and valuation.

JNJ Experts offers a wide range of services, including business or equity valuation, portfolio valuation for private equity funds, valuation of intangible assets to facilitate fund-raising and financial reporting, valuation for regulatory purposes and more.

Ours is an approach that’s slightly different from the rest.

Dedicated to offer seamless experience to the clients, we offer end-to-end solution under single roof.We source smart and comprehensive data to assure clients never steer towards any wrong direction.We don’t follow clichéd methodologies but rather aim to provide clients with personalized solution to meet their distinct needs with complete precision.‘You win, we win’ is our ultimate mantra that guides everything we do.We value business with clients—but we value relationship with them even more.

Why JNJ Experts?

We are reshaping the market with innovative and efficient valuation techniques. So the question should really be—“why not JNJ Experts?”

We are client-driven, driven to deliver clients with 100 percent satisfaction. Always available to go beyond the assigned tasks, our team commits itself to offer you a smooth, efficient and personal experience that subsequently transitions into making high-yielding investment decision.