Start-up schemes by Central and State Governments in India

August 14, 2018 Investment, Startups by ICS Admin No comments

India is the world’s 3rd largest technology start-up hub after the countries USA and UK. Various business sectors like Information Technology, Food and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Finance, Logistics and Artificial Intelligence are booming in the country. According to a report, around 1000 new start-ups were initiated in the year 2017. In India, a business venture […]

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Investment opportunity in start-ups

August 13, 2018 Startups by ICS Admin No comments

Entrepreneurs are potentially innovative people who are capable of changing the world. You could join the revolution by investing in lucrative start-up projects. By partnering with a new exciting venture you could diversify your professional portfolio. When you invest in a start-up, you own a stake in the company’s business. You could be part of […]

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