Portfolio Mangement

Portfolio Mangement

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Manage your investment portfolio

In a quest to take your wealth to the next level through investments, it is essential to master the art of portfolio management—or at least have someone holding your hands who have mastered it.

Portfolio is a collection of investment instruments, including shares, bonds and mutual funds. Managing it is a process of deciding on the most efficient investment tool, that vouches high return at low risk, after factoring or balancing strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities. Cluttering down the clouds of uncertainty in every investment decision, benefits of efficient portfolio management includes diversification of risks, higher security, consistent return, capital growth, tax planning and more.

JNJ Experts- A Favorite Portfolio Manager

Packing years of experience and team of highly qualified professionals, JNJ Experts has emerged to be one of the topmost portfolio management solution providers. Ours is a dynamic and proactive approach that aims to deliver on clients’ exact needs, goals and expectations with high precision. Defining our unique, innovative and personalized strategy around asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing, we balance risk and reward to match your every investment decision in sync with your long-term objectives.

Why JNJ Experts?

JNJ Experts is already playing a favorite to hundreds investors in India, helping them elevate their wealth quickly and easily—and we promise to play a similar role for you. Taking your hands and guiding you through thick-and-thin, we aim to build lasting relationship with you. From studying your portfolio regularly to balancing risks and changing asset allocations, we make sure not just in short-term but you reap big rewards even in the long run. Assigned dedicated managers to help you 24/7, you can access your portfolio any given time of the day.

JNJ Experts redefines client satisfaction. We redefine portfolio management with quickness and higher efficiency. Take our hands and enjoy a smooth ride ahead.

Book keeping services

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Service Description

At JNJ Experts, we provide sound financial planning and bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the process of recording the daily financial transactions in business. The bookkeeper ensures the information in the financial accounts is updated by tracking the money coming into and leaving the business. One does this by following up on purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made by the business. Doing this ensures the business always has enough money for its survival and in the foreseeable future. Bookkeeping provides that every transaction be it in cash or credit, is recorded, tracking how money is moving in the business. Accountants are then able to create reports of how the business is performing.

Through bookkeeping, costs are tracked, and expenses can be reduced if they are getting out of hand. One can also look at the money coming in which ensures the business is making enough money to keep afloat. Bookkeeping is useful to businesses of all sizes from small businesses to huge corporations.


JNJ’s processes are tried and tested and allow you to know how your business is performing at a glance. We take care of this processes and give you time to concentrate on what you do best.

Our expertise ranges from:

Business record maintenance of expenses and revenues

Financial statement creation and analysis including the generation of reports that give you an idea of how your business is performing.

Small business development strategies that allow you to scale

Business launch and expansion assistance.


Our services are efficient and reliable throughout the year, and as long as your business is in existence, we will be there. We especially serve small business and enable them to scale up by offering sound financial advice. To us, bookkeeping is not merely recording money in and money out in an accounting software, we personalize it based on your business, and we can provide tailor made solutions for your business. JNJ Experts understands that bookkeeping requires you to be constantly in the know of changes in regulations and tax laws and this is what we are efficient in. We take this load off your arms and allow you to concentrate on your business enabling you to give the most time to ensure your business succeeds.

JNJ works with businesses both big and small. We can therefore comfortably say that we are experts in our field. We offer personalized services ensuring your business records are always up to date. This gives you the relevant data to make important business decisions. Personalized services ensure you are always in the know of the latest trends in your industry giving you a competitive advantage to be ahead of your pack. Our understanding of the industry also enables us to give you an outsiders perspective that is non-partisan and honest.

With our skill combination and highly professional team, JNJ would like to be your ladder to success. We will ensure you are always in the know of the latest developments in your industry by continuously improving our processes and by extension yours.

Wealth Management

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Manage and Maximize your wealth

In an uncertain economy (and world), being certain with your finances is the key to a prosperous life, for yourself and the family. Today, wealth management is much more than just saving a chunk of earning in your bank account. For that, and much more, having reliable professionals by your side to assist you in reserving the unforeseen future ahead with bright financial forecast is very important—to an extent, even, essential.

JNJ Experts- Your Go-To Wealth Management Service Provider

We bring a holistic approach to the finances of high net worth individuals, ensuring that while they work for the money, money work for them at the same time. Putting in all the dots together – right from job earnings to investment return, retirement plans to real-estate investment and everything else – we clutter down the complexities and aim to bring definiteness to clients’ wealth and future.

Crafted and calibrated to suit your individual needs, our personalized wealth management services make sure you never set your foot in the wrong direction with your finances. We blend in your current financial state with your expectations, blurring the shade of dreams with explicit answers and solutions.

Why JNJ Experts?

At JNJ Experts, we pack some of the most qualified and experienced professionals who, specializing in various fields, strive to redefine ‘client satisfaction’. Our services centers on not just helping the clients with their wealth—but on building a lasting, reliable and trustable relationship with them. We have quantum of experience of working with hundreds of clients, and delivering them with complete precision. And we promise to be by your side, right here, assisting you throughout alike.

JNJ Experts brew industry’s best practices and our own unique and innovative ideas to understand your distinct need and situation with fine accuracy. Together, we stride ahead with clear-cut plans, goals and strategies to your happier and wealthful future.

Tax Planning

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Plan your income to minimize the tax

So many people wish to legally reduce their tax liability—only a handful of them really manage to pull this successfully. Working your way around the tax compliance to maximize your after-tax income needs a well-planned, thought-through strategy. And that subsequently requires good professionals by your side who meticulously plan both your expense and allowances for a financial year to increase your tax savings tactically.

JNJ Experts- Your Ultimate Tax Planning Partner

At JNJ Experts, we believe in fostering lasting relationship with clients. Ours is a 360 short-term and long-term tax planning service that has you covered from every angle. We make strategies around your individual needs to:

Increase your tax savings.Reduce taxes on your income so you enjoy maximum returnReduce taxes on your investment (real estate, stock and more) so your wealth grows faster.Reduce taxes on your retirement distributions so you retire with a happily-ever-after.

In short, we help you grow your personal asset by significantly reducing your tax liability.

Why JNJ Experts?

JNJ Experts employs highly qualified and experienced professionals who are driven to provide clients with 100 percent satisfaction. We aim to offer personalized experience with strategies crafted for you individually. We already cater hundreds of high net worth individuals in India with grand outcome—and we promise to stand true even on your expectations with high efficiency.

Some of our strategies that has yielded bright outcome in the past includes shifting income and expenses from one year to the following ones to reduce the tax, distributing income among family members to get more from the income taxed, and deferring tax liabilities through long-term pension plans, contributions and more.

Our commitment to help clients is unparalleled that makes us an ultimate choice for everyone. So master the art of tax saving; take our hands today.

GST Registration and Filing

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GST Registration and Filing consultancy

GST in India is an abbreviation for goods and services tax. It is a single tax that covers goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. It is charged on value addition and is therefore passed down the chain. The goods and services we are talking about here refer to domestic consumption on local and imported items. Exceptions exist, and included are the sale or lease of residential properties and those that are related to financial services. GST is the same as the Value Added Tax (VAT) in many other countries with import and output taxes in it. This tax is regulated by the GST Council whose chairman is the Union Finance Minister of India.

GST was introduced through an amendment to the constitution and will be applicable from 1st July 2017, and it will be implemented by the central government. The government is developing structures in place that ensure revenue collection will be straightforward and seamless.

GST will absorb some indirect taxes like central exercise duty, service tax, surcharges and state-level value added tax. It will also do away with some levies like the interstate transportation of goods.

Benefits of GST

Easy compliance; This is mainly done through the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). This is a platform created to connect all the parties involved through a single portal. These are the government, stakeholders, and taxpayers. Through the portal, the government can follow up on taxes of all individuals while on the other end, taxpayers can file their taxes and update their returns on it. Online updating which makes compliance easy and transparent.

GST ensure that tax returns including structures are similar throughout the country. This reduces the burden of overtaxing as well as easing the process of doing business. Through GST, all business will not be overburdened regardless of their place of business throughout India.

GST ensures there are seamless tax credits on the value chain reducing the hidden charges that exist. It also reduces cases of double taxing.

As costs of doing business go down, more and more business sprout increasing competitiveness. This has a way of ensuring customers have a variety to choose from and producers are always improving quality.

A seamless tax system will reduce the cost of doing business which has an overall effect of reducing the cost of locally manufactured goods and services. This leads to the improvement of the economy through the creation of employment and also buying local products which have an overall positive ripple effect.

The introduction of GST is, therefore, an improvement on the government’s revenue collection system. With the automation of the process, filing returns are less hectic and might lead to an increase in the revenue collection. Since it will also decrease the cost of collecting taxes, it will end up being more efficient in the long-run. The fact that payment will be through a single system also ensures there is no need of unification of records increasing efficiency.

At JNJ Experts, we will help you prepare your business for GST and enable you to benefit with the efficiency it brings to businesses.

Valuation Services

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Value your Business

Valuation is an important key, both for individuals and companies, to make any investment decision optimal and high rewarding. Assessing the potential merits of investment by considering a range of factors, including latest market trends and future predictions, it helps answer the most crucial question— “is it worth it?”

JNJ Experts: Bringing definiteness to Analysis and Valuation

With the best in-house team of highly experienced professionals, we provide standard valuation service to investors and business owners. Centering on our core commitment to clutter down the complexities and confusions, we bring definiteness on the table with efficient analysis and valuation.

JNJ Experts offers a wide range of services, including business or equity valuation, portfolio valuation for private equity funds, valuation of intangible assets to facilitate fund-raising and financial reporting, valuation for regulatory purposes and more.

Ours is an approach that’s slightly different from the rest.

Dedicated to offer seamless experience to the clients, we offer end-to-end solution under single roof.We source smart and comprehensive data to assure clients never steer towards any wrong direction.We don’t follow clichéd methodologies but rather aim to provide clients with personalized solution to meet their distinct needs with complete precision.‘You win, we win’ is our ultimate mantra that guides everything we do.We value business with clients—but we value relationship with them even more.

Why JNJ Experts?

We are reshaping the market with innovative and efficient valuation techniques. So the question should really be—“why not JNJ Experts?”

We are client-driven, driven to deliver clients with 100 percent satisfaction. Always available to go beyond the assigned tasks, our team commits itself to offer you a smooth, efficient and personal experience that subsequently transitions into making high-yielding investment decision.

Income Tax Filing

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Income Tax filing

JNJ Experts was founded for to continuously best serve Companies and Individuals in finance and management related aspects by bringing them expert, candid advice and an outside perspective on their business.

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Income Tax filing and refund

It is a good thing to pay income tax to avoid any repercussions from the government or being charged with fraud or evading taxes. An income tax return is a document that is filed with the revenue authority of India that reports your profits and losses of your business, your income, any other deductions that you have incurred during your financial year and your details of your tax refund or liability. A tax return is the tax form used to report your income and file income taxes with the relevant authorities. A tax return helps taxpayers to remit payments or request for refunds it applied.

Income tax filing is the process of filing income tax returns. The amount that goes to the government is calculated when the actuals are filed. A refund will occur if you have paid more taxes than needed during a financial year by the department of income tax. If you have underpaid, you need to make sure you pay the remainder, then file your income tax returns.

It is compulsory to file an income tax return in India. The form of an income tax is key when applying for a house loan, as this is a reflection of your financial prosperity. The income tax return form also shows your capability of repaying the loan given to you and/or your business. Any person who has a taxable income is expected to file an income tax return after every financial year.

An income tax form always has three sections:

The income section that one must fill in all avenues of getting their money throughout the year; which varies from royalties, dividends, salaries and capital gain.

Deductions include retirement savings plans, interest deductions on certain loans and alimony paid. In your business, all expenses incurred in the running of the business are deductible.

Credit, the third part of the return, is any tax credit that you, as the taxpayer, may be entitled to.

At JNJ Expert, we take great pride in serving our clients with a vast host of services to make you concentrate on strategizing your business development as we cater to your tax needs. Some of the exclusive services we offer include:

Online Tax Filing by Experts

Our team of experts will help you prepare and file your electronic files for your taxes in the easiest possible way

Self Income Tax e-filing

We are also ready to help you secure and simplify your application for a very affordable cost.

Tax preparation

We also offer personalized face to face services from a dedicated tax expert.

NRI Tax e-Filing

Our exclusive service for filing NRI Income Tax through an Expert Online Tax preparation process

US Tax filing in India

We also help file your US taxes from India with the help of our experts just by submitting documents at one of our offices or by uploading on our secure portal

Tax Consultancy and Scrutiny

JNJ Experts will help you with scrutiny proceedings and offer the best tax advice.

Project evalution

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Project consultancy

Before making any hefty investment in real-estate, project valuation is a must for investors, sellers and developers. It is, in fact, a key to enjoy a successful flight of success. Ask anyone with high experience in this sector.

Sadly, things are easier said than done. This makes it rather very important to have reliable and experienced professionals hold your hand if you’re looking to make right decisions and build a solid portfolio.

Contact JNJ Valuation today!

We are one of the foremost investment service providers in India, delivering project valuation services of unparalleled quality. Since inception, we have inched closer by every passing day to redefine the market with new benchmarks. Built on the principle of delivering clients utmost satisfaction, our valuation services has you covered on every front. So when making big selling or investment decisions on properties, things don’t have to be so uncertain. Hit all the chords perfectly – every time – with JNJ Experts by your side.

Ditching the traditional approaches, we rely on innovative techniques like discounted cash flow method, average return on book value and net present value method that deep incorporates technology. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who leverage advanced tools and draw from their own pool of experience to bring definite and high-rewarding solutions on the table.

Why JNJ Experts?

We have been in the scene long enough that makes us a go-to for all. Over the course, we have written countless success for Indian and international clients in corporate, government and non-government sectors. Backed with latest tools that brew perfectly with our unique methodology and commitment to offer you nothing but the best, hand-in-hand with us, never go wrong with your financial decisions.

So were you looking for quality project valuation service providers that work around your individual needs to offer a personalized experience, you’re in the right place. Contact JNJ Valuation today!

Capital Market Services

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Service Description

If it’s “this” today, it is definitely “that” tomorrow. In the uncertain market climate and fluctuating economy, working your way around the risks to successfully raise capital is a difficult task. Considering company’s ultimate goals and valuing the investors’ aspirations among so many other factors, it’s like walking on a thin rope. Won’t it be good if someone have you covered and cushion from every angle?The need for professional, qualified and experienced capital market service providers couldn’t be more in India and around the world. Against all the backdrops, these specialists bring thoughtful planning, ideas and a correct strategy to help clients raise capital via various avenues.

JNJ Experts- A leading Capital Market Services Provider

Came into existence to bring simplicity and straightforwardness on the scene of capital market, JNJ Experts has emerged to be the go-to professionals for clients looking for capital structuring and funding solutions. Catering companies of different industries, we bring a wide range of consulting and capital market services under single roof.

Our 360 solution includes everything from equity, fixed income, currencies and commodities research to investment research and advisory. Relying on world-class data bank and robust practices that blends in with advanced technology to an optimal level, we bring definite outcome on the table to your distinct needs with minute details and personalized care.

We draw from our vast experience to simplify every capital raising transactions and help clients simmer with complete assurance.

Why JNJ Experts?

We employ a large team of experienced professionals who specialize in different areas.We offer a wide, end-to-end capital market services under single umbrella.Ours is a 360 solution that brews in with innovative ideas and best practices.We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver quick and efficient result.We boast a large network of corporate clientele that’s built on years of commitment.We take time to understand your needs and foster a lasting relationship.

So if in need for top-quality capital market services, JNJ Experts might just be the name you need by your side. Contact us today.